About Us


100% in-house operation, affordable quality & creativity

Brand Statement

DecoPop provides home & office wall art prints to trendy, budget-minded
customers in a passionately creative environment with a quirky and
aspirational voice, helping them to feel excited and relieved and to
leave delightfully inspired.

What’s Our Story?

You know those strange, arty types who hang around in galleries, blurting out words that literally no one has used in a hundred years? Yeah, we’re NOT them. We’re a bunch of super-passionate creatives who believe that art doesn’t have to  be crazy expensive, esoteric or pretentious. Why? Because we actually WANT folks to buy our art and hang it up in their homes and offices - regular folk, with  regular jobs, who live in regular houses and apartments. So, I guess you could call us sell-outs. And we’re ok with that.

Art For Real People

If you’re looking for a dramatic, one-of-a-kind oil painting, you’ve come
to the wrong place. We create pieces that are quirky and fun. We want
to liven up your home or office space with things that will inspire you,
motivate you and make you laugh. Oh, and when you buy one of ou r art
pieces, you won’t need a crane or even a crew to get it into yo ur building.
Our creations come in a range of sizes, so whether you live in a tiny
Manhattan apartment or a spacious condo in Aspen, you can have a
piece of DecoPop art adding that extra cool-factor to your wall.

Quality Art That You Can Afford

Our promise to you: We don’t make cheap knick knacks. We create art that’s  affordable, but we have high standards. How do we do it? We’re a small team so we use machines and automation to produce large volumes of prints without sacrificing quality. Because we create, manufacture and package everything ourselves, we control 100% of the pricing and we can guarantee that every piece of DecoPop art that goes out into the world is something we’re proud to put our name on.

Proudly American

All our art is dreamed up, created and packaged under one roof in
Colorado, USA. So when you buy (Brand Name) art, you’re filling your
space with all-American creativity, born right here on home soil.